Equipment Rigging in Demolition Projects: Critical Safety Precautions to Observe

9 August 2016
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Structure demolition projects are risky for the most part. Extra safety precautions should be put in place to avoid exposure to hazardous materials, casualties, and damage to property by falling debris. Rigging of equipment before and after the demolition project is also a process that should be approached carefully to prevent accidents and injuries as a result of improper planning and careless mistakes when securing equipment. Here are some guidelines that can help maintain safety when rigging equipment and demolishing structures. Read More 

How to Identify the Different Kinds of Fill Dirt

17 February 2016
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Avid DIY homeowners may wish to determine the composition of fill dirt before using it during a home improvement project (such as improving the grade of the yard so that drainage improves). This article discusses a simple method that you can use to determine which kind of fill dirt will be suitable for your project. The Shake Test Get a clear glass jar and put water into it so that only a third of the jar is empty. Read More 

Tips When Using a Backhoe Loader to Remove Pavement

26 January 2016
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Various types of renovation projects require the use of heavy earthmoving equipment to make the process more efficient. If you are replacing a driveway or parking lot and need to remove old pavement, it is suggested that you use a backhoe loader to make the renovation project simpler. Pavement can be difficult to break up and move because it is designed to be durable. Using a backhoe loader can allow you to remove the old pavement in the quickest manner, but it is essential that you know the most helpful tips that are designed to offer ease of use. Read More 

Guide to Buying New Earthmoving Machines

19 October 2015
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Earthmoving machines are indomitable companions when used to do a myriad of heavy tasks like digging through concrete floors, excavating soil, rock and ore etc., and then moving the loads to different locations. When it comes to purchasing earthmoving machines, not everybody is a seasoned buyer; first time buyers will often find choosing the right machines to be somewhat difficult. Here are a few vital buying tips to help those seeking to buy new earthmoving machines for the first time: Read More 

Why You Should Hire Mini Excavators for Small or Medium-Sized Excavation Projects

11 September 2015
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Some excavation projects don't require heavy-duty excavation equipment because they're small or medium-sized, and they might have access restrictions. As such, excavation jobs like landscaping home gardens, digging irrigation trenches, removing stumps, ploughing snow, and demolishing small structures such as sheds are best done using mini excavators. If you don't own mini excavators, you can opt to hire them from a company like Mini Excavators Pty Ltd and start enjoying the numerous benefits that they provide. Read More