3 Essential Factors to Consider When Renting a Trench Shoring System

17 January 2019
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Safety during trenching procedures is a non-negotiable aspect of construction efforts. Unfortunately, some workers don't give trenching the seriousness it deserves. Therefore, don't be surprised if you come across statements such as, 'Why do I need a trench box? I'm only going to be down there for about three minutes.' Reports show that most trench fatalities are attributed to the lack of a trench shoring system and in some cases poor installation of the equipment. Read More 

Two tips for those who need to transport a bulldozer on a semi-trailer truck

7 December 2018
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If you will be transporting a bulldozer to a construction site on a semi-trailer truck, you may want to bear the following advice in mind: Make sure the bulldozer is positioned in the centre of the trailer When positioning the bulldozer on the semi trailer, it's important to make sure that it is parked in the centre of the trailer base. There are a couple of reasons why it needs to be in this position. Read More 

4 questions to ask before hiring a Bobcat

30 September 2018
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There are many types of construction jobs that might involve hiring a Bobcat - but equally, there are many types of Bobcat, and many different suppliers. Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself - and your supplier - before you go ahead and sign the contract. 1. What kind of Bobcat do you need? Different types of project will require different machinery, and as a general rule, the bigger the job, the bigger the Bobcat you will need. Read More 

3 Benefits of Using a Crane Hire for Construction Expansion

25 April 2018
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If you have recently started your contracting business, you may consider expanding that business. Unfortunately, that expansion may mean taking on larger equipment. The issue for you may be the financial limitation to getting the new equipment. One of the more common pieces of equipment you may need for your business expansion is a crane. An option is to go with a crane hire instead. Here are three benefits to using a crane hire service instead of buying the crane directly. Read More 

5 Tips to Keep Your Crew Safe While Working at Heights

3 January 2018
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Falls from heights can lead to a lot of injuries on a construction site or at any other type of workplace that uses a lot of elevated work platforms. To help your crew stay safe, you may want to keep the following tips in mind. Develop a Unique Safety List for Every Elevated Work Platform The exact safety procedures you use for working at heights likely vary depending on the exact type of elevated work platform you use. Read More