Questions to ask yourself before changing fluid during hydraulic equipment repairs

8 October 2017
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Hydraulics are increasingly part of the daily lives, from cars to wind turbines. In most cases, people ignore hydraulics until it gets to a point where the machine stops operating. For any machine, good maintenance is significant. When doing the repairs, one of the critical areas that one has to concentrate on is the changing of oil. In many cases, machine users change oil based on time and give little attention to the condition. Read More 

3 Key Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Forklift for Your Construction Job

23 August 2017
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A lift truck, commonly known as a forklift, is a type of lifting equipment that integrates the functions of a lifting tool into a truck. Forklifts are used to lift and move heavy materials in indoor areas such as warehouses, as well as outdoor areas such as construction sites. If you are contemplating hiring a lift truck rental for your construction job, you should know that not all forklifts are created equal. Read More 

The Anatomy of a Comfortable Truck Seat

4 July 2017
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As a truck driver, a heavy equipment operator or a bus driver, you spend a lot of your time in the seat of your vehicle. Sitting has been linked to all kinds of issues from leg pain to back pain, and if you want to be comfortable while working, you need a seat that can support you correctly. Here's a look at the essential anatomy of a great seat 1. Adjustable Features Read More 

Equipment Rigging in Demolition Projects: Critical Safety Precautions to Observe

9 August 2016
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Structure demolition projects are risky for the most part. Extra safety precautions should be put in place to avoid exposure to hazardous materials, casualties, and damage to property by falling debris. Rigging of equipment before and after the demolition project is also a process that should be approached carefully to prevent accidents and injuries as a result of improper planning and careless mistakes when securing equipment. Here are some guidelines that can help maintain safety when rigging equipment and demolishing structures. Read More 

How to Identify the Different Kinds of Fill Dirt

17 February 2016
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Avid DIY homeowners may wish to determine the composition of fill dirt before using it during a home improvement project (such as improving the grade of the yard so that drainage improves). This article discusses a simple method that you can use to determine which kind of fill dirt will be suitable for your project. The Shake Test Get a clear glass jar and put water into it so that only a third of the jar is empty. Read More